CAPI is used when the interviewer is carrying out face-to-face research, using a laptop, a tablet, mobile phone or more commonly computer.
The interviewer is able to read from the electronic device in the same way as from a paper questionnaire, and the data is input directly in to the device.
the advantage of CAPI based methodology is that interviewers can display prompts - such as sounds or videos - that data can be transmitted wireless back to the client or research company much more quickly either in real time, or by uploading all the data at the end of a shift.
It also removes the need for 'punching data' from paper to electronic formats for analysis, and the survey is automatically routed, removing the chance of an interviewer making an error when following question routing.
CAPI provides benefits of routing, thus giving it an edge over PAPI. Routing and per-programmed instructions help to design a flow of the questionnaire.
Since the entire survey is electronically administered, the routing, skipping and logic checks can be built-in to the program.
The Survey System offers off-line and online survey software for android Smartphone, and tablets.
These small, light devices are ideal for conducting in-person surveys at malls, street, movie theaters, airports, and other public locations.
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