CATI is computer aided telephone interviewing. CATI is used when an interviewer is carrying out telephone research - be it B2B or consumer.
The interviewer is able to read from a computer screen in the same way as from a paper questionnaire, and the data is input directly on to a system which holds all responses for analysis later.
The advantage of CATI is that the respondent is automatically routed through the questionnaire based on their answers - removing the potential for human error and the possibility that incorrect questions may be asked.
The results of each call can be viewed in real time - an advantage in terms of project management, resourcing, and for researchers to get a feel for a set of results before fieldwork has completely ended.
CATI helps in conducting consumer as well as business to business surveys, It enables research companies to have an in-depth interaction with the consumers to obtain detailed data.
These surveys assure consumer and business satisfactions.
CATI also allows fixing appointments with the respondents, if the respondent is not free to take the survey at that time.
It offers the organizations the opportunity to create awareness about the goods and services as well as maintain their brand image.
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