Consumer Panels

Consumer panels are used to test public opinion in a controlled method for advertisements, products and services.
Researchers can guide the focus of the panel and ask the specific questions they want to be answered.
Consumer panels allow companies to test products for response with less risk than a full product launch, which requires the investment of considerably more resources.
Consumer panel research refers to a market research methodology which utilities consumer panels in order to quickly and efficiently understand the prevailing views of a group - whether that be a specific group of consumers , consumers in a geographic location or members of more specific group.
Consumer panel research is, nowadays, often carried out online and can consist of many hundreds or thousands of respondents.
It is through these online panels that marketers are able to gain sector specific insights quickly and inexpensively.
Such a methodology has further benefits, some of which include the ability to mix both qualitative and quantitative to integrate engagement touch points, such as audio, video and imagery and to incorporate branding.
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