A diary is a type of self-administered questionnaire often used to record frequent or contemporaneous events or experiences.
In diary surveys, respondents are given the self-administered form and asked to fill in the required information when events occur or at specified times or time intervals (time-based diaries).
Data from diary studies can be used to make cross-sectional comparisons across people, track an individual over time, or study processes within individuals or families.
The main advantages of diary methods are that they allow events to be recorded in their natural setting and minimize the delay between the event and the time it is recorded.
Diaries study collects information from participants by having them repeatedly record their thoughts about a specific activity or experience over a period of time, which may vary from a few days to a few months.
This method is often used to get highly contextual information to assess attitudes, behaviors, and/or motivations.
Diary studies are great at reporting the “why” of the documented experience and, because of the longitudinal nature, you also see how and why this experience can change.
Dubai Market Research use diaries in either Quantitative or Qualitative Research in a variety of ways, to capture rich insights from research participants.
By filling out a diary, respondents provide a detailed, up to the minute record of their activities, behaviors or experiences over time.
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