In-depth interview

In-depth interview is A qualitative data collection method, in-depth interviews offer the opportunity to capture rich, descriptive data about people’s behaviors, attitudes and perceptions, and unfolding complex processes.
They can be used as a standalone research method or as part of a multi method design, depending on the needs of the research.
The interview is conducted using a discussion guide which facilitates the flushing out of the respondent’s views through open ended questioning.
Interviewers have greater opportunity to ask follow-up questions, probe for additional information, and circle back to key questions later on in the interview to generate a rich understanding of attitudes, perceptions, motivations .
Is a higher quality of sampling compared to some other data collection methods.
Researchers need fewer participants to glean useful and relevant insights.
In-depth interviews be so insightful, it is possible to identify highly valuable findings quickly.
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