Central Location Testing (C. L . T )

Central Location Test is a research methodology allowing businesses to collect qualitative and quantitative information about consumer’s potential consumption/usage behavior, preferences, and reactions on a product.
Your product may be a software product or a consumer non-durable.
This is often called a hall test, is also effective, as a large number of individuals can be interviewed in one day.
If clients are looking to shortlist a number of products to pursue, or assess how a product might be accepted in the marketplace, CLT are a useful methodology.
The participant trials a product evaluated it and provide feedback, the feedback may be carried out via a face-to-face, interview.
Central location tests employ both traditional – quantitative and qualitative – research techniques, as well as modern visual techniques involving monitoring of respondents’ eye movements with specialist apparatus (“eye-tracking”),the practical way of implementing the survey which ensures high-quality results and offers key advantage of Face to Face interview which is the ideal for conducting many tests .
We do high quality and quick services to let the clients know the about the new or modified product launch, concept checking, designs and efficacy of the product or effectiveness of the scientific promotion aids and commercials.
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