Mystery shopping
Mystery shopping is describes a field-based research technique of using independent auditors posing as customers to gather information about product quality and service delivery, is insight into how employees are interacting with customers.
When mystery shoppers are dispatched to visit a business, they use criteria developed by the client to evaluate the business and focus primarily on service delivery and the sales skills of employees, The survey can include a mix and check-off questions.
Typical areas of assessment are customer service, suggestive selling and up-selling techniques, teamwork, employee and management activities, headcount, store appearance and organization, merchandise displays and stock, cleanliness of the location, signage and advertising compliance, time in line and time elapsed for service, product quality, order accuracy, customer's preferences, cash handling, and return policies.
Mystery shoppers work in bank, many different industries, if a company deals directly with customers or clients, mystery shoppers can help to give insight as to how to improve, Assessments can be on-site or via the telephone or even the Internet.
Gives a company look into the customer experience and provides it with a way to gauge customer satisfaction.
The information they provide to the company can then be used to help the company improve what it does in the future.
In addition to gaining information about current employees.
Some mystery shopping jobs are completed through the use of a simple questionnaire, while other assignments involve for the mystery shopper investigating the product or service in much greater details.
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